DIY LED ceiling lamp

When we moved to our new home we tried to find modern LED lamps for the ceiling lights but it was not an easy task. The requirements were simple:

  • Light source should be LED strip/bulb/module
  • Sufficient overall brightness for a room lightning
  • Nice looking

LED lamps available on the market were good for decoration illumination only, almost none of their brightness level reached the level of a traditional 100W incandescent lightning (1600 lumen). We found some powerful ones, but their light was direct to one direction and not diffused, so their main application could be great e.g. for dining table lightning but not for a whole room illumination.

It took couple of months, a plenty of visits in different shops and a lot of wasted time by browsing several web stores before we really realized, that no lamp will match to our needs and we have to find another solution. So, we changed the approach and tried to find standard ceiling lamps, which could be subject of a customization and upgrade.

During our journey in Krakow we found a nice one (Nowodvorski Tokyo) in the local OBI market, made by Nowodvorski, a Polish company. This lamp is designed to handle two T8/G13 fluorescent tubes. The package did not contain the tubes but the lamp only. We loved the wood frame, the sandblasted glass, the overall design and it seemed to be a good candidate for further modifications, so we made our decision and bought it.

Later at home I started the upgrade process with dismantling:

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